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 The Specialist Mercedes-Benz Service Centre is one of Surrey, Middlesex and Greater London's leading independent Mercedes Service Centres.  


You can rest assured that only Mercedes trained technicians will work on your vehicle using only genuine Mercedes parts to protect your warranty. Serviing your Mercedes with us will not effect your Mercedes-Benz manufacturers warranty, click here to find out more.


Both the interim A service and major B services include the following (items in bold are not applicable for an interim service):


  • Diagnostic check 


  • Interior

Function check
Check warning and indicator lamps, illumination and interior lighting
Check windshield wiper, windshield washer system, headlamp cleaning system
Reset maintenance service counter in instrument cluster
Replace dust filter
Replace combination filter

Check parking brake(function test only)


  • Wheels, brakes

Check condition/thickness of front and rear brake discs
Check front and rear brake pads for lining thickness
Check tyres for damage and condition
Measure tread depth, record in mm
Correct tyre inflation pressure


  • Under Vehicle

Check for major components leakage
Check for chafe marks, line routing, damaged components
Check condition of front axle ball joints and rubber boots
Check condition of mechanical steering components and rubber boots


  • Engine Compartment

Check for major components leakage
Check for chafe marks, line routing, damaged components
Oil and filter change
Air filter clean or replacement (if necessary)
Fuel filter (diesel only) or Spark plugs (petrol only) replacement
Check engine cooling system, antifreeze and corrosion protection
Check brake system
Check power steering
Check Active Body Control
Check windshield washer system
Check and correct battery fluid level
Check battery condition
Check catch, safety catch and hinges on engine hood for proper operation
Check condition of poly V-belt


  • Boot

Check battery condition
Correct tyre inflation pressure in spare tyre


Full Vehicle Road Test


Additional Items




We recommend an air-con service every 2-3 years or depending on your manufacturer's recommendations. An air-con inspection should be done once a year from just £50 + VAT.




We recommend a brake fluid service every 2 years or depending on your manufacturer's recommendations if not before. A brake fluid service is from just £50 + VAT.


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Servicing your Mercedes-Benz with us will not effect your manuafacturers warranty. Click here for more info




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